Prestigious projects


Harmony of the Seas

In December 2013 KMW Engineering initiated first design works to prepare ventilation ducts for a cruiser manufactured by the French shipyard STX France in Saint Nazaire. The contract signed by the French party with the Royal Caribbean International cruise line, with its registered office in Florida, attracted attention of many international media. This can easily be explained: this will be the largest, super-luxurious cruiser, carrying nearly 6296 passengers.


Nuclear power plant Olkiluoto 3

KMW Engineering works related with the Finnish nuclear power plant OL3 in Olkiluoto, at the Gulf of Bothnia, reach back to 2007, when we started to prepare for construction of ventilation systems at that facility in cooperation with the German company Brochier Power Systems GmbH. Works related to procedures, nuclear tests and their approval took one year. In 2009 the main works for the system installation begun, planned for 29 months.



In 1999 we started works in Reichstag, the seat of the German Parliament. KMW Engineering was responsible for a new ventilation system for the plenary chamber and the general ventilation system for other rooms (including those of political fractions). In the steel and glass dome of Reichstag we installed a special exhaust air processing unit with a heat recovery system. The dome itself weights over 1200 tonnes, forms a ceiling for the Parliament chamber, and is one of the most well-known landmarks of Berlin and Germany.


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