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The KMW Engineering installation team can install ventilation systems together with thermal insulation. This allows works optimising.

Our activities include:

  • thermal insulation of ventilation ducts (insulation with 25, 30 or 50mm-thick mineral wool, with products from Techrock or Isover);
  • vapour proofing of ventilation ducts (insulation with 19mm-thick expanded rubber products, such as Armaflex and K-Flex);
  • construction and installation of aluminium or zinc galvanised metal sheet cover on ventilation ducts;
  • insulation for heating and cooling technological systems:
    • Armaflex and K-Flex vapour proofing;
    • insulation with half shells of mineral wool (Rockwool);
    • insulation with PVC-shielded half shells of mineral wool (Rockwool).



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