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System cleaning


We cooperate with a company specialising in cleaning, disinfection and degreasing of ventilation and air conditioning systems. Our cooperation started in 2003. These works are conducted in accordance with HVCA (Heating and Ventilating Contractors Association), and VDI2052 and VDI6022 standards.

Together with our partner, the company Nowakowski,we offer to our customers free of charge maintenance inspections of their system throughout the European Union, in accordance with EN-15780. The maintenance inspection covers:

  • visual verification of the system condition;
  • deposit thickness measurements;
  • dust measurements;
  • assessment of HEPA filters condition;
  • moisture and flow rate parameters;
  • installation of several inspection manholes;
  • other components, as provided for in the standard.


 After the completed inspection we provide a complete report and appendices from tests, photos from monitoring, etc. Additionally, we provide recommendations for further operations. We use this data to prepare an individual offer.

Additionally, we can perform tests in the clean industry (clean rooms: systems) regeneration, decontamination, verification of air flow correctness, dead zones, etc.


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