Podstrona Firma



Headquarters - Solec Kujawski

KMW Engineering Sp. z o.o.
ul. Powstańców 8a, 86-050 Solec Kujawski

office - opening hours:
Monday - Thursday 8:00-16:00
Friday 8:00-14:00

fon +48 52 569 80 00 
e-mail: kmw@kmw.pl

Sales Department:

Arkadiusz Turzyński - fon +48 662 136 406, e-mail: a.turzynski@kmw.pl (contact languages: polish, english)
Jakub Szulc                  - fon +48 600 902 032, e-mail: j.szulc@kmw.pl          (contact languages: polish, english)

Air handling units

Krystian Pilewski        - fon +48 600 902 028, e-mail: k.pilewski@kmw.pl  (contact languages: polish, English) 


Supply Department:

Joanna Cicha - fon +48 52 569 80 31, e-mail: j.cicha@kmw.pl   (contact languages: polish, english)

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