Podstrona tłumiki



KMW Engineering offers silencers manufactured in three versions:

  • rectangular (TPA, TPB);
  • circular (TKA);
  • nuclear (TN).


Silencer design parameters:

  • width of rectangular attenuating inserts (PA) - 100mm or 200mm;
  • width of circular attenuating inserts (PA) - 50mm or 100 mm;
  • attenuating inserts with wear- and dust-free material.


We offer silencer inserts of the following types:

  • PA - 100% wool coating with fleece;
  • PA - 50% wool, 50% resonance metal sheet coating.


Approvals - certificates:

  • ITC: conformance to PN-EN-7235
  • PZH: HK/B/0529/04/2010
  • COBRTI INSTAL: Approval No AT/2002-02-1216

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