Podstrona spawane

Welded components


KMW Engineering has highly qualified supervisory, working, and inspection personnel, responsible for welding works during production and assembling processes. We offer production of welded ventilation products and construction of welded technical systems. Moreover, we offer components constructed in the stay-in-place formwork technology.


We specialise in welding of carbon steel with 111, 135 and  and with 135  methods (austenitic steels). The implemented WPQR welding technologies were approved by TÜV. Furthermore, we specialise in welding of "thin" steels, up to 2.00 mm. Our welders hold licences issued by IS and supervision licenses from TÜV.

KMW implemented and maintained the welding quality management system in accordance with EN-ISO-3834-2:


  • Welding supervision:

The welding quality system is supervised by the certified welding engineering personnel, IWE, with recognised European and international certificates issued by IIW and EWF.


  • Welders:

The welding works are performed by certified welders with qualifications conforming to the following standards:  EN ISO 9606-1.


  • Inspection:

The welding works are inspected by non-destructive tests (NDT) inspectors qualified at the second level in accordance with the EN 473 and EN ISO 9712.

Additionally, we have highly qualified welders working in the area of arc braze welding of austenic and zinc or Aluzinc-coated metal sheets with an argon gas shield with the 972 method. This method is, for example, used for production of panel structures and ventilation ducts of the air tightness class D.


KMW Engineering holds a certificate for welding works, as we meet the requirements of DIN EN ISO 3834-2. The certificate was issued by TÜV Nord.

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