Podstrona panele

Panel constructions


Production of panel structures results from development of the production technology used to manufacture air processing units for ventilation and air conditioning systems. Contrary to commonly used framework technologies, the panel technology is based on the self-supporting structure.

In fact, each panel component is a profiled beam of particularly high rigidity, with relatively low weight. This technology is used in large-size systems. This design is particularly resistant to operational deformations, due to screw connections.

Standard panel width:  300, 600, or 900 mm.  Max. length 6000 mm. The typical panel components are constructed as 70mm or 40mm-thick beams. The dimensions can be adjusted to individual requirements at the facilities.

The structures are manufactured in two versions:

  • panels without insulation;
  • panels with inner thermal and noise insulation.


The panels are permanently connected with screws, using sealants, or by braze welding, to ensure high leak-tightness.

This system is an ideal solution for production of ventilation ducts, noise-absorbing, filtration or dust chambers, air locks, and paint or drying booths.

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