Podstrona realizacje



KMW Engineering provided its products to several hundred facilities in Poland, Europe, America, Asia, and Africa. Products with KMW Engineering logo are used in the cutting-edge HVAC systems all over the world. The implemented projects can be grouped into sectors, representing directions for our specialisation and development.


Heavy and light engineering industries- Production processes in this sector commonly use sanding and coating technologies. These processes are characterised by their enormous air demand, often reaching several hundred thousand of cubic meters. Its treatment and collection of pollutants requires highly advanced and individual HVAC solutions. 


Power industry - Variety of energy sources, their specific characteristics and environmental impact pose serious challenges to a ventilation system supplier. Our cooperation with the largest companies in this sector (Fromatone ANP, Areva NP, Siemens, ABB, Nukem) resulted in numerous projects, also in the nuclear power sector.



Clean technologies - Air treatment and transport for production processes in electronic, pharmaceutical, or food production industries require adherence to very strict regimens. System leak-tightness, and cleanness or even sterility of supplied air represent main assumptions for this sector.



Industry - Treatment of air for technological processes and its collection are covered by much stricter requirements than ventilation in zones occupied by people. Technological processes require adherence to strict air parameters, and they can be maintained only with a good ventilation system. 



Public utility - Ventilation systems must meet architectonic requirements, and be sufficiently flexible to fit into buildings, frequently of a very specific shape. 




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