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Production of KMW engineering with Revit

We strive to constantly improve our production process. For this reason, we use many computer aided design (CAD) programs. In recent years, Revit has become the leading BIM program that allows users to design a building and structure as well as its components in 3D. Responding to new customer needs, we have created a semi-automated method of exporting Revit model elements to our production process. This method significantly reduces the time needed for technological development and eliminates human error.  


Fitter’s Academy

           Marginalizing of vocational education over the last years forced numerous employers to assume a teacher’s role and to engage in employee’s vocational training. Education and the so-far career of candidates for work seldom meet the minimal requirements posed by the companies and their quality systems.


Anniversary galleries

Visit new galleries documenting two company events organised on the 25th and 30th anniversaries of KMW Engineering. We celebrated these special dates in Ostromecko and in Bożejewiczki near Żnin.


Competition for Young Pianists - photo relation

On 15th of November 2014 there was a concert of this year laureates of the International Competition for Young Pianists: Arthur Rubinstein in Memoriam which had been won by Szymon Nehring. Nineteen years old Pole not only received the most prestigious award of that evening but also Chopin Award and the Special award in the name of Aniela Młynarska-Rubinstein founded by Rubinstein family.


KMW supports young musicians

For the tenth time the most talented young pianists from all around the world will come to Bydgoszcz in order to take part in the international Arthur Rubinstein In Memoriam competition. This competition, which is both celebrating its X anniversary and has settled into the cultural calendar of the region, is, not for the first time, supported by our company.


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