Air processing units


Air processing units manufactured by KMW Engineering are certified for their mechanical durability, tightness, and heat and noise transfer.

During over 20 years of production, they underwent procedures confirming meeting of requirements and approving them for use by:

  1. COBRI INSTAL Warszawa 2004: EN 1886 Conformance Approval
  2. ENERGOAUDYT Gdynia 2005: Conformance of EN 1886 requirements
  3. ENERGOAUDYT Gdynia 2005: Electromagnetic Compatibility Certificate EMC
  4. PZH Warszawa 2010: Certificates of Hygiene for air processing units, series KMW ZR and ZS
  5. PZH Warszawa 2010: Certificate of Hygiene for applications in "clean facilities"
  6. UTP Bydgoszcz 2014: Confirmation of model tests in accordance with EN 1886
  7. GOST-R Moscow 2014: Manufacturer certificate for air processing units, series ZR
  8. EUROVENT Paris 2015: EUROVENT* certification for KMW air handling units

        * Certification procedure for KMW air processing units, EUROVENT No 848 – in progress, 2015


Scans of obtained certificates are shown in the gallery below:


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