ventillation systems
since 1983
ventilation systems
since 1983


Together with our clients (mainly mechanical contractors) we worked for industries like:

  • automotive industry – production, paint shop, R&D facility
  • aviation industry – production, paint shop, R&D facility
  • chemical industry – production, laboratory
  • data center
  • electronic industry – production
  • marine industry – passenger vessel, submarine
  • offshore industry – wind park switch station, drilling platform
  • power industry – nuclear power plant, uranium handling, waste management, gas and coal power plant
  • pharmaceutical industry – production, laboratory, R&D facility
  •    public buildings

      o  airport, seaport, underground

      o  hospital

      o  hotel

      o  parliament building

      o  shopping mall

      o  sport facility

Every industry has its own requirements; we know them all.

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