ventillation systems
since 1983
ventilation systems
since 1983


KMW Engineering started to produce folded ductwork short after was established. Our first huge project Marriott Hotel (LIM Center) in Warsaw gave us opportunity to establish production on Western Europe quality level. It allowed us to achieve a significant position on a ductwork market in Germany in a short time. KMW Engineering was significantly involved to create a common production standard (instead of many industrial individual standards like VW, Bosch, Mercedes etc.) on the German market.

KMW Engineering was also invited to co-create the Polish standard, which is one of highest in Europe.

Starting with rectangular folded ductwork we followed with round ductwork as well as welded ductwork later on.

In the meantime we are state of the art manufacturer of all kinds of metal ductwork from the simplest to the most sophisticated, x-rayed welded ductwork.

After taking over of NucAir Technologies we also produce a new shape of the welded ductwork merging advantages of rectangular and round ductwork which is named Squoval®.

Impossible is nothing. You will find appropriate ductwork for all your needs even if it was not mentioned in documents you will find below.

Folded ductwork

We manufacture rectangular and round ventilation ducts made of the following metal sheet types:

  • galvanised,
  • acid-proof,
  • black (metal sheet coated by spraying and powder-coated, hot-dip galvanised),
  • aluminium
  • other materials on request.  


All ductwork are available with inner or outer insulation with mineral wool with various covers like metal sheet or perforated metal sheet.

Rectangular ventilation ducts

Round ventilation ducts

Welded ductwork

In our newest facility we produce all kinds of welded ductwork like rectangular, round and Squoval® which is a merger of all advantages of round and circular ductwork. We form them from metal sheets with dimensions up to 2 000 x 6 000 mm.

All welded ductworks run under common name Squoval®.

With our unique machines, manufactured to our specification, we are able to produce Squoval® ductwork (SQ5) with bending radius of approximately 5 mm (that means these ducts are quite classic rectangular ducts) and increasing continuously this radius – we can realize every radius you need – and at the end we reach Squoval® type SQR ducts (that means quite classic round ducts). Even cross-section of ductwork like triangle, rhombus or trapeze is possible.

Impossible is nothing. We do also lost formwork etc.

Comparision rectangular, round and Squoval®ducts

New Squoval® ducts

SQ100 Squoval® ducts

Panel ductwork

Using panel construction of air handling units casing we are able to manufacture self-supported panel ductwork without additional stiffeners or steel constructions for very high air volumes and high pressure applications.

Panel Constructions

Leak tightness

We are able to fulfill highest industrial standards. Our standard ductwork meets class C requirements. Higher classes, even not yet classified, could be (and were many times) executed.

Ventilation ducts tightness classes

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