since 1983
ventilation systems
since 1983

EU Funding

Present EU Funding

The project co-financed under Measure 3.2 “Support for the implementation of R&D results”, Sub-measure 3.2.1
“Market research” “Implementation of the results of R&D works on the innovative technology for the production
of ventilation ducts, welded, round, rectangular and innovative Squoval® ductwork
and launching their production on an industrial scale”

The aim of the project is to implement NucAir’s (which was merged with KMW Engineering in September 2022) own new technology of ventilation ductwork production, enabling the production of innovative welded ventilation ducts: improved round and rectangular ductwork, as well as an innovative squoval ductwork (Squoval®) merging advantages of rectangular and circular ductwork.

Achieved results:

  • product innovation – improved quality of welded ventilation ducts,
  • process innovation – implementation of welding technology according to Industry 4.0 standards (using robots and automatics).

Financing Agreement No.: POIR.03.02.01-04-0002 / 19-00

Total value of the project: PLN 31 451 100

Eligible costs: PLN 24 720 000

ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) co-financing: PLN 13 595 000

Project implementation period: 01.11.2019 – 31.12.2023

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