ventillation systems
since 1983
ventilation systems
since 1983

KMW Engineering

Our business is a ventilation business

KMW Engineering was established in 1983. For over 40 years we constructed hundreds of modern ventilation systems, mainly abroad, but also in Poland. Customers in many countries benefited from this vast experience.

From the very beginning, KMW Engineering consequently improves manufacturing process to achieve highest requirements of our customers.

KMW Engineering products are installed in systems ensuring comfort and those used for technological processes. KMW Engineering specialises in industrial ventilation, representing the most demanding group of systems.

We strive to constantly improve our production process. For this reason, we use many computer aided design (CAD) programs.

In recent years, Revit has become the leading BIM program that allows users to design a building and structure as well as its components in 3D.

Responding to new customer needs, we have created a semi-automated method of exporting Revit model elements to our production process. This method significantly reduces time needed for preparation of manufacturing and eliminates human errors. 

Our own project, started January 2020 with construction of a modern factory and closing with installation of last equipment until December 2023, gives us a new facility allowing to meet highest standards in production of welded ductwork.

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