KMW engineering

Established in 1983

                                                                                   Scope of operations: ventilation, dust removal, technological processes, installation of heating, cooling, sanitary, and firefighting systems.

KMW Engineering manufactures air processing units, standard welded ducts, components, welded structures mainly for industrial and specialist (nuclear power sector or offshore industry) ventilation systems, and assembles complete systems.

Together with KMW Instal & Project, KMW Engineering installs heating, cooling, sanitary, and firefighting systems.



KMW instal & project

On 14/11/2018, the company KMW Instal & Project was taken over (as merger by acquisition) by KMW Engineering.

 Established in 2014  by merging of KMW Instal and HL Technik Polska

Scope of operations: design, as-built documentation, and installation of ventilation, heating, cooling, sanitary, and firefighting systems.

 KMW Instal & Project has its own design team preparing documentation using AutoCAD and MicroStation V8 Bentley software.

Together with KMW Engineering, KMW Instal & Project installs heating, cooling, sanitary, and firefighting systems. 


KMW industrial engineering UK Ltd.

Established in 2013  A subsidiary of KMW Engineering 

Scope of operations: manufacturing and erection of the HVAC  networks related to the nuclear industry.

                                                                                   Deriving from the KMW Engineering experiences  UK  based branch executes industrial HVAC  contracts in the  same time fulfilling (the local content) requirements of the UK market.






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